Rodopi Half Marathon

The START and FINISH line will be placed in the central square of the city (Eirinis Square) and the route to be followed is:

  • Up to Heroon Street up until the military camps
  • Turning left to Ektenepol District
  • Up to Symvola village
  • Turning left to Dimi village
  • Continuing to Agiasma and Thamna village
  • Down to DUTH (University), entering the campus and covering 2,7 km
  • Entering the west side of the city up until the FINISH line, in the central square of Komotini.

Kilometre signage will be provided per kilometer along the route of the race, which in turn, is going to be checked by judges in order to ensure the validity of the race results.

There are going to be three Refreshment Stations, at the 6th, 10th and 15th kilometre and, in between, there are going to be Water and First Aid Stations.



Runners are highly requested to leave the bottles and cups on the right side of the road, so that they can be easily collected after the end of the race.

Half Marathon

Night Run