About us

Our Association is active in Komotini, Rhodopes and was founded in 2019 following the initiative of a group of friends, whose common feature is the love for running and sports.

The members of the Association are amateur athletes, many of them distinguished in road races on asphalt, mountain, track.

Our goal is to spread running and develop the sport with all the benefits that come with it:

Spirit of noble competition, development of body and spirit, maintenance of good physical condition, entertainment, promotion of social life and of course utilization of free time away from the stress and routine of everyday life.

We participate in road races and other social and cultural events of Komotini and aim to highlight the city and its people at a pan-Hellenic level.

The Rodopi Runners strive together to spread the running movement so that it becomes a way of life to as many people as possible.

So we gladly invite you to participate in our running events, reminding you that you don’t need to be a champion or an old athlete to take up running.

Put on your sneakers and just start running!